石 松  光 紀 Mitsunori Ishimatsu
黒 田  美 保 Miho Kuroda


We make works inspired by our travels around the world and the impressions left on us by all of the people,things and ideas that we encounter along the way.We launched AODRESS in 2009 after producing uniquely individual pieces of work using cloth and old clothes collected from around the world.When we traveled to India in 2012, we met traditional artisan embroidery craftsmen and saw beautiful fabrics created by hand weaving.Seeing the beauty of the products we realized the reality of lost manual work.While spending time with them, we produced dress lines that combine tradition and our sensibility.
Currently we sell works in Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East and Asia.


Indian textile products have been actively exported mainly to Europe since the 17th and 18th centuries, and, in particular, Indian cotton has gained popularity.Even now, there are a lot of very delicate Indian fabrics, old clothes and beautiful dresses that can be seen in antique shops.There are a lot of simulated products from that time, but even now, the original Indian fabrics still feel special.The reason is the quality backed by time-honored manual work and traditional techniques, which give comfort and excitement to those who use them.
It is very different from current mass products that are not made with the same love and pride for manufacturing.